Acts of Service

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of volunteer organizations, nor an attempt to endorse one charity over another; it serves only as an example to present several organizations where one may volunteer.

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Charity can also be considered a work of mercy. There are two types of works of mercy, corporal and spiritual.


The traditional enumeration of the corporal works of mercy is as follows:
-To feed the hungry
-To give drink to the thirsty
-To clothe the naked
-To harbour the harbourless
-To visit the sick
-To ransom the captive
-To bury the dead

The spiritual works of mercy are:
-To instruct the ignorant
-To counsel the doubtful
-To admonish sinners
-To bear wrongs patiently
-To forgive offences willingly
-To comfort the afflicted
-To pray for the living and the dead