Level 1

Level 1 is accessible to everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, weight, height, baldness, gingerness, attractiveness, name, speech or linguistic fluency. Moreover, Level 1 is a place where anyone can receive recognition for their acts of kindness and connect with others who share similar interests and experience.

Although our network is private, all users on Level 1 can view each others basic profile information. This information includes lightworks (candles and halos).

As mentioned previously, users may accumulate candles according to the time they've spent performing good works. One hour volunteering or one hour's worth of net income given to a reputable organization is worth one candle.  16 candles equals a torch; it's our goal to assist every member in lighting one torch per month!

As for halos, one hour spent participating in a retreat, seminar, class or book club is worth one halo when the material discussed helps to advance knowledge in theology, philosophy, justice, human rights, science, statistics and/or human health.

For example, suppose that on one Saturday of the month you spend:
  • Three hours volunteering for a reputable homeless shelter.
  • Two hours learning Theology of the Body through an online or local class.
  • One hour supervising a Logical Fallacies book club.
  • And, on Sunday the next weekend, you donate two hours’ worth of your net income to a reputable non-profit organization, three hours studying Ravi Zacharias' Core Module, and two hours studying the Luke E. Hart Series Course, offered by the Knights of Columbus.

For that month, your profile would shine with six candles (three for volunteering at the homeless shelter, one for volunteering as a leader of a book club and two for donating to a reputable group or charity). It would also shine with seven halos if the time spent learning Theology of the Body, Ravi Zacharias' Core Model and the Luke E. Hart Series Course material results in passing an appropriate assessment or quiz.  

Of note, some types of jobs that a person has in order to earn a living can result in earning candles. This is because some jobs are more ordered towards practicing charity and often earn a lower monetary salary.  Similarly, married couples, fathers and mothers automatically earn five candles every month by virtue of their vocation, daily the labor of love involved with maintaining those commitments. Additionally, some types of classes a student takes at a high school, college or university may allow them to earn halos, as many classes advance knowledge of theology, as well as philosophy, justice, human rights, science, statistics and human health in overlap.

Click here for important considerations in finding balance with respect to good deeds that are completed for the benefit of another but receive public recogntion.  Also consider the last quote provided below.