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Welcome to Pure Heart Culture

Many people enjoy a sense of reward from helping others, whether by donating a can of soup during a food drive, lending a hand at a homeless shelter or donating money to a good cause.  This website was developed to serve as a medium for inspiring these kinds of charitable acts, not only by providing a mechanism for other kinds of rewards and recognition, but a place where these stories can coalesce, a springboard from which community and friendships may form. 

But we don't stop there... we also hope to strengthen the one friendship that many people consider their most important, the one developed with our Creator.   

Accordingly, Pure Heart Culture has two mission objectives:

1.  Practice and inspire charity

2.  Strengthen belief in a Creator

Once a user has created a profile they begin on Level 1 where they may:

  • Update their profile by sharing a bit about themselves, i.e. their background & interests
  • Sign up for volunteer opportunities and share past volunteer experiences 
  • Receive points for charitable acts

Perhaps you help an elderly neighbor by cleaning or picking up groceries once a week or maybe you help a disabled veteran with a ride to their pharmacy.  Maybe someone in a nursing home or assisted living center is lonely and you're interested in reading a book together.  Perhaps you're helping support reconstruction efforts in Haiti or you regularly give 10% of your income to your church or favorite charity.  In any case, updating your profile with these experiences can inspire others and help you earn points. 

Points can be used to:

  • Obtain or win donated prizes or services
  • Receive recognition
  • Connect with others who have similar point totals

Points helps us measure achievement toward our first objective while credits help us measure achievement towards our second. 

Accordingly, achieving our second objective is assessed through knowledge of theology, philosophy, justice, human rights, science, statistics and human health.  These areas are discussed within our community through retreats, seminars, special events, online or local classes and book clubs.  Following completion of these kinds of activities, assessments and quizzes help to measure growth and award credits.  Credits are similar to points, allowing users the opportunity to obtain donated products and services, receive recognition and connect with others who have similar credit totals.  However, each of the subjects mentioned above is represented by a badge and sometimes a number of sub-badges below those.  Depending on the retreat, seminar, event, class or book club, several credits may earned which apply to more than one type of badge.   

Because our second mission objective is to strengthen belief in a Creator, credits that advance knowledge of theology are considered most important, allowing users to advance to Higher Levels.  Nonetheless, sometimes an understanding of other subjects is necessary for a full appreciation of an area in theology.  Therefore, there is not always a correlation between theological credits/badges earned and the level a user is on.     

Please tell me more about Level 1!